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Selfhosting FTW!

You own your data! Nobody can filter it. Just host it on your own computer. Software like @YunoHost or FreedomBox are a solid base for that purpose. If you need help in setting it up, get in touch with Faircomputer. #NewDawn #Selfhosting #FreeSoftware #Faircloud #Icecloud

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Looks interesting.
Is that meant to say "...a new era."? #typo ?

Yes, you are right. Thanks. Corrected.

Um... I do really think VPS providers are awesome and we should all use them with gusto. But... YunoHost or FreedomBox could both be forced to close due to being unable to filter all the sites on them, if they ever fall under the jurisdiction of Article 13. If that's "self hosting" then what do you call it where you run the server computer yourself, like behind your desk?

You host YunoHost on your own computer at home. It is your data and you are the one who is responsible for it. Who you want to filter? Yourself?

With Federation you aggregate the content of your friends and parties you are interested in.